Lumber River Native Plants is a wholesale nursery specializing in native wetland plants of the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. We provide a diverse selection of native plants for use in wetland mitigation, stream restoration, stormwater management, and native landscaping projects. Most of our plants are grown from seed that we collect throughout the Carolinas.

Our goal is simple-to provide high quality native plant material
and prompt courteous customer service.

Lumber River Native Plants offers a wide variety of native plant material to accommodate your project needs.

• Herbaceous Perennials
• Grasses and Grass-like Plants
• Aquatic Plants
• Trees and Shrubs
• Live Stakes
• Bare Root Trees/Shrubs
• NC/SC Ecotype Seeds and Seed Mixes

We also offer the following services:
• Consultation on Plant Material for Your Project
• Installation of Plants
• Landscape Design